The History of the Blue Lion Inn

Located in the Vale of Clwyd, the Blue Lion lies in a prime location with views of Snowdonia and the Irish Sea. The Inn dates back to the 17th century and was originally built to accommodate the monks of the nearby church. Legend has it that the walls surrounding the snug house the tombs of former monks. It is generally believed that there is an underground tunnel that leads to the local churchyard.

The Blue Lion is reputedly haunted by a ghost called John Henry, who was killed following a drunken fight. Murdered on the site in 1646, farm labourer Henry can often be heard walking around in the tavern. He has also been spotted, dressed in working clothes with his trousers tied at the knees with string.

The incident was meant to have happened when the inn was still a farmhouse. The farmer had two sons who disliked one another with a great passion. The brothers had frequent and often violent arguments. One day the villagers were surprised to learn from the farmer that one of his sons, John Henry, had left Cwm for good. Not long after some workmen uncovered a mysterious grave in the nearby churchyard. The remains of a man were found on the top of a coffin. The corpse was identified as John Henry, who had apparently been killed. He was probably murdered at the farmhouse and his corpse was hidden in another person’s grave at night. The identity of the murderer has never been found out. The most likely candidate for the murder is John’s brother.

There is no way of knowing whether John Henry is in any way linked with a supernatural event that sometimes occurs at the Blue Lion Inn. A former proprietor of the Inn, Mr Evans, use to keep a few unusual pets behind the pub, a monkey, snakes and an alligator. When he checked on them one morning in 1969 he discovered that the cages had been opened during the night. The animals had used the opportunity to escape. Fortunately, they had not gone far – Mr Evans found all of them and put them back in their cages. He was quite surprised when he was confronted with the same situation on the following morning. Once more somebody had opened the cages during the night. Mr Evans believed that this was the work of animal right activists. In order to gather some evidence, he sprinkled sand around the cages open yet once again. Contrary to his expectation there were no footprints – except for those the animals had made.

Sometimes a female ghost appears in the inn. The nature of this haunting differs considerably from most supernatural phenomena. The ghost communicates with the witnesses! This particular lady ghost prefers to dress in blue standing near the window of a dining room and has been described as elderly. Her presence has been noticed on numerous occasions. Thus a cleaner once saw the lady in blue standing near the window of a dining room in the upstairs part of the house. The presence of the Blue Lady was inexplicable as the inn was closed to the public at that time of the day.

The young son of a former owner of the Blue Lion also had an encounter with the Blue Lady in his bedroom. She just entered the room and lay down on the other bed. She apparently told the young boy that she did not feel well. When the boy returned some while later, the Blue Lady had vanished.

Are you brave enough to join us at the Blue Lion?

The Blue Lion is located in the village of Cwm, near Dyserth. We are just a short drive from Rhyl, Prestatyn and St Asaph, and 5 minutes from the A55 with access to the whole of beautiful North Wales, and around just 30 minutes from Chester and within an hour of Manchester and Liverpool.

Use SatNav postcode LL18 5SG and you can’t miss us. There is ample free parking, and a warm welcome awaits you.

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